Our Story

“We have launched BARKA for a reason. Passion and constant chasing of perfection are what created this brand. We strongly believe that fruits represent the highest achievable standard in spirit distillation, there is nothing above, nothing more magnificent. With our first, premium Irsai Oliver grape product we restlessly would like to prove that drinks with such concentration of aromas and flavours are representing a different level and simply very rare. Our mission is bringing unaged purely fruit based distillates to the market with completely unique and extraordinary flavours, creating a new spirit category. It is time for a new renaissance.”

Szabolcs Balasko
Co-Founder & Director

Szabolcs who is taking care of the UK part of the operation and product development has a deep knowledge and interest in the spirit industry, especially in creating cocktails. Szabolcs has a master degree in Investments and has experience in the financial and investment industry.

Viktor Matrai

Viktor who is responsible for the Hungarian part of the operation has extensive experience in operational management. Apart from that Viktor started and successfully managed few start-ups, he was also involved in quality controll and business development in few companies during his career.