Cabinet OLD

A New Era

We have one unshakeable belief. Fruit is the most noble and precious material for a distiller, nothing is existing above. Embodying the highest achievable quality and most complex experience, fruits offer limitless variety and undiscovered opportunities. With the unrelenting passion, the rich heritage and history in our hand, join us on this journey to experience something authentic and entrancing.

Extraordinary Craftmanship

Our first signature product is nothing like any other grape based spirits. Drinks made from grape marc or wine already lost most of their unique character and fresh aromas, we distil BARKA Irsai Oliver only once, straight from the freshly harvested grape, this way we can conserve all the essential aromas. There is no other way to capture the true fruitiness and character. Gentle caring, distillation in copper pot still and the unaged nature of the spirit are all contributing to the astoundingly elegant and exclusive flavour profile.

The Queen of the Valley

Irsai Oliver is unique and rare. An exceptional Hungarian breed grape only grown in wine making regions of the country. The soil rich in minerals and plenty of sun during the year are helping the unmistakably muscat and floral character to develop. Sweet rose and honey notes arriving to the nose first with a hint of citrus in the background. A pleasant bitterness from the grape seeds is helping to beautifully round out the long lasting floral taste in the mouth.


– Transparent –


– Rose, Honey, Cloves –


– Sweet Rose Petals with Honey, Bitter Grape Seed, Lemon Peel –

ABV – 40%

The Perfect Serve

A comprehensive guide for a prefect serve is the way to fully understand and appreciate any kind of drink. Fruit based spirits are generally served as an aperitif neat before or during meals however adding a few twists to the drink makes the experience even more enjoyable. BARKA should be served below room temperature at 16-19 C, never cold as it tends to mute down the fresh fruity aromas. Adding a splash of ice cold water helps to bring the alcohol content down and the strong sharp character to an even more pleasant level. By the freshness of lemon oil and a few drops of lemon juice the floral fruity aromas are starting to come to life.