Where we are now

If we look at the cocktail industry very closely, we can see that crowd taste changed quite a bit in the last few decades, new techniques evolved, new ingredients appeared. However what seems obvious to me is that in essence, taste is still limited to only a few approaches and type of drinks, especially in terms of base spirits the market is very restricted to a handful of categories. I am not really sure whether the fundamentals changed as much as they should have changed during the last century. Bartenders are making enormous efforts by using exotic ingredients and newly developed techniques in order to introduce new tastes and new experiences, however it is still very hard to influence the deeply rooted crowd taste. We would like to change that, as we believe the industry is ready for a new renaissance.

Looking ahead

BARKA is launching this blog in order to introduce people to the undiscovered world of purely fruit based spirits, and extend the knowledge of those discerning drinkers that are already familiar with the category. What I can see through my experience that huge number of people are confused about these type of drinks, they are using the words “liquor”, “flavoured drinks” as a substitute to fruit spirits which is absolutely wrong. I would like to clear the air and provide a more scientific view and explanation, a purely experience based blogging to the reader.

We believe that for a distillery, fruit based spirits represent the highest achievable level of quality. Unfortunately these kind of drinks are very rare or completely absent from bars and there are obvious reasons for that. Among pricing and wrong marketing tools, we can blame mainly history, few other spirit categories are more preferred and popular nowadays. Not just drinking neat but also as a base spirit for cocktails, fruit spirits are introducing quite a new era in mixology with limitless opportunities which I believe that the industry really needs at the moment.

The Project

Education and clear understanding are key, being the main purpose of this blog, educating people and creating something new that has never really existed before. Through the posts I will provide an insight to the world of fruit spirits mainly via the Hungarian Palinka and BARKA, our own, new premium brand, as I am relentlessly believe that this country produces the best quality.

If we want to make sense from cocktails or we are creating a completely new drink, we must break everything down to the foundation and have to work from scratch in order to understand the basics. I will provide a thorough analysis of fruit spirits through BARKA, introducing and explaining, how different ingredients alter the main flavour profile of the spirit and contribute to the final cocktail. First, I will look at probably the two most important ones used by the industry, sugar and lemon, how and why they affect the taste of any drink. After we have a good understanding of our base spirit and the sweet and sour balance, we can start building on it and this is where sophistication starts. We will then jump into crafting cocktails, test various flavours, matching ingredients, we will also craft custom made signature cordials, tinctures and bitters to our newly developed drinks and hope we will make this category and our new premium brand, BARKA popular among many people.