Join us on a journey experiencing something truly captivating through our purely fruit based creation.

“A perfume to drink, created for hedonists.”

Our Expression

Irsai Oliver Grape

Our flagship product is an expression made with a unique type of grape resulting in an unmistakably muscat and floral character.

The aroma profile is extremely complex, therefore the distillation is a true art.


“The Queen of Spirits”

Palinka is an ancient spirit category that can only be produced in Hungary using fruits that are grown in the country. It is a real reflection and respect of nature.

House of Barka palinka


Extracting and preserving the character and aromas of the fruit, transforming it into a spirit that captures the essence, the long torrid summers and the melancholic valleys of the Hungarian landscape. A still undiscovered spirit with a rich heritage.


 The Frenchman

 Old Fashioned

 Barka Fizz