Our mission is to make this truly unique category, the purely fruit based spirits popular among people. We are taking the best available ingredients, using hundreds of years tradition and expertise to create something special that gives a completely new and unforgettable experience to the customer. This is how we define luxury. Join us on a journey to the captivating and undiscovered world of fruits.

“A perfume to drink, created for hedonists”


Our Pride


International Wine and Spirit Competition

Our flagship product is an expression made with a unique type of grape resulting in an unmistakably muscat and floral character.

The aroma profile is extremely complex, therefore the distillation is a true art.
difford's guide

Difford’s Guide

“The fresh juice of Hungarian Irsai Oliver grapes are slow fermented in temperature-controlled tanks and the wine produced then distilled in a hybrid copper pot still. The distillate is then rested for three months prior to bottling. “

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