The category

A spirit that has a single ingredient: Fruit. A crystal clear essence that captures the characteristic and personality of what it is made from. Distillation of Palinka has several hundreds years of heritage and is restricted in order to guarantee exceptional quality and craftmanship. Palinka can only be made in Hungary by using flawless fruits that are grown in the country. Many say that this spirit is the rarest and most difficult to make. It is pure luxury.

“A Perfume to Drink, Created for Hedonists.”



Act #01 – The fruit

Timing and quality is inevitable. After careful selection, only perfectly ripe, flawless fruits are hand-picked for distillation.

Act #02 – Fermentation

Fruits are cleaned and crushed before arriving to the fermentation stage. The fragrant ferment has to be kept at a certain temperature, with the help of natural yeasts sugar starts transforming into alcohol. The process is slow, it can last for several weeks.

Main Act

Act #03 – Distillation

It is science and art at the same time, the alpha and the omega. Making a decision when to separate the different layers of a distillate to keep only the aromas that replicate the fruit, requires years of experience and precision. Patience and persistence are what creates excellence and uniqueness.

After Piece

Act #04 – Resting

After distillation, 3-6 months resting follows in order to bring all the aromas together, letting flavours to mature and develop to create the final characteristic of BARKA.

Act #05 – Bottling

Before bottling this immaculate masterpiece, fresh spring water is added to reach the ideal strength where all the aromas can thrive. The spirit is carefully filtered for outstanding purity resulting in a crystal clear liquid capturing myriad aromas with different volatility and intensity.